We’ll see if Donald Trump has the guts to testify under oath. Stormy Daniels did.

Donald Trump keeps saying he wants to answer the accusations made by Stormy Daniels.

So, do it.

He could do exactly what Daniels did and testify. Under oath.

He could stand in the courtroom, put his right hand on one of the $60 Bibles he was hawking to MAGA shills and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Back in April, Trump said that he “absolutely” would testify in his felony case involving $130,000 in hush money payments to Daniels, an adult film star.

Trump walks back his promise to testify

Then, he started hedging. Saying he’d testify “if necessary.” That he would “probably” do so. That he “would like to.”

After the judge overseeing his case issued a gag order to keep Trump from attacking witnesses and jurors, Trump said, “I’m not allowed to testify.”

The judge quickly corrected him, saying the gag order pertains only to “statements that are made outside of court. It does not apply to statements made from the witness stand.”

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Under oath.

Trump’s attorneys on Thursday asked the judge to lift his gag order so Trump could respond to Stormy Daniels — without being under oath. The judge said no.

He can speak under oath, like Stormy Daniels did

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