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Low purchasing power: Nigerians go for swapping as prices of mobile phones rise


Nigerians no longer worry over what the state of the nation will look like tomorrow. Everyone is now focused on how to survive in the failing economy.

It is no longer news that people’s purchasing powers have continued to decrease, as prices of goods and services continue to rise, unabated.

The continuous rise has affected the prices of everything, including mobile phones.

Nigerians, who formally loved using two to three expensive phones, have reduced their choice to one.

Economy&Lifestyle found out that as the situation gets worse, people now have to swap their old phones for new ones.

Explaining how it is done, Evans Ofili, a manager at a phone and electronic gadget store in Igando, said: “The process of phone swapping is not tedious. All a customer needs to do is bring an old phone and the receipt of purchase and a valid means of identification. We assess the phone by testing the battery power and other parts to know its present value. Then the customer is to add a little amount of money to get his choice phone.

“For instance, if his phone of choice is worth N100,000 and the value of his old phone is N50,000. He is to pay N50,000 in addition to the old phone to get the new one.”

Phone swapping has been in existence but was not practiced intensively by Nigerians.

Old phones are usually given out to their loved ones after buying a new one.

“People no longer buy new phones nowadays. What they do now is phone swapping.

“We also do this to increase sales as people are now very interested in feeding, and other things come after.

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