Introducing Bybit Web3 DEX Pro: Smart Trading, Smarter Decisions

DUBAI, UAE May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bybit Web3, the Web3 division of Bybit —one of the top three global crypto exchanges by trading volume—is proud to announce the launch of Bybit Web3 DEX Pro. This revolutionary decentralized exchange platform is designed to empower traders with smart and informed tools. Bybit Web3 DEX Pro transcends typical DEX offerings, combining the benefits of DeFi with cutting-edge intelligence to create an unparalleled trading experience.

“We are thrilled to introduce Bybit Web3 DEX Pro. Combining the benefits of DeFi with the power of i-SMART intelligence, Bybit delivers an unparalleled trading experience for the Web3 community,” said Emily Bao, Bybit Web3 Evangelist. Users can now access game-changing insights, empowering them to navigate the market with greater confidence and uncover market opportunities.”


Elevating DEX Trading with i-SMART Technology

Bybit Web3 DEX Pro goes beyond typical CEX offerings, equipping users with the cutting-edge i-SMART data intelligence technology. This powerful suite provides a holistic view of the market, allowing users to make informed and smarter decisions:

  • Influential Trader Tracking: Identify and learn from the strategies of successful traders.
  • Social Check: Gain valuable insights from social media chatter to understand token sentiment.
  • Market Sentiment Overview: Quickly grasp supply and demand dynamics.
  • Analysis of Token Holders: See token distribution among major holders to assess market concentration.
  • Real-Time Trending Indicator: Discover rising stars in the crypto world with our cutting-edge trend identification system.
  • Thorough Safety Assessment: Trade with confidence thanks to in-depth security profiles of each token.

Harnessing Professional-Grade Intelligence for Superior Trading

Bybit Web3 DEX Pro empowers traders to outsmart the market by leveraging professional-grade on-chain and social intelligence. This sophisticated platform enables users to gain valuable insights from macro trends to micro movements, thereby sharpening their trading strategies. The advanced algorithms employed by Bybit Web3 DEX Pro facilitate the discovery and capitalization of emerging opportunities with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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