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‘I Did My ‘Dobale”, Tinubu Laughs Off Democracy Day Stumble

President Bola Tinubu has addressed his minor stumble during Nigeria’s Democracy Day celebration, embracing the cultural significance of the occasion.

Speaking during the June 12 Democracy Day dinner at the Presidential Villa on Wednesday evening, the President said: “Earlier this morning, I had a swagger and it’s on social media,” in reference to viral video clips online that captured his brief loss of footing while boarding a military truck to review the military parade at the occasion.


The 71-year-old leader playfully suggested that onlookers might have mistaken his misstep for the popular ‘Buga’ dance move or a traditional Yoruba way of prostrating to greet elders – ‘Idobale’ in Yoruba language.

“They were confused whether I was doing buga or babanriga,” Tinubu said.


However, the president swiftly pivoted the narrative, emphasising the celebratory nature of Democracy Day and his deep-rooted cultural pride.


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