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Burna Boy & Byron Messia Talibans II Lyrics

Talibans II Lyrics by Burna Boy & Byron Messia


Yow KellzLink with the killy ‘dem
Saint Kitts to Trinidad
Big up the whole ah ‘dem
‘Cause w?n kéré nínú ayé
Anythin’ I do
Headline news even wetin I no do
Them go say, I do
Nothin’ but the truth when I step up in the booth
No lie, my life no be small thing
Remember last Christmas
Santa Claus give me the glizzy with the switch darg
So some people no go see this Christmas
Mandem have crosses, most of them not even Christians
Click-bang, body sinkin’ like the quicksand
Ztekk full of bomb like AfghanistanAnd everywhere me carry it ’cause me know the enemy them a pree
And me know them nah sorry for me
People a bawl and a scream ’cause we bad and we mean
Bloody crime scene, calamity
A so we shoot out brain fi go Canada, G
Make your marrow experience no gravity 

Tell a pussy we no laugh up
We no take talk
Violate, people a dead dawg
You should a keep in your bed ’cause the Talibans them a make walk
We no laugh up
We no take talk
Badness a weh we endorse
We no shoot people fi end up in a Red Cross

Yow, Talibans
Like them need reassurance
Make unuh sleep a yuh yard in a four months
A so we make people a moan out
Like gyal a get fuck down a whore house
Laff boss full a ‘K, that me sure ’bout
And if you see me travel with a 9X
A nah no politician weh me a go vote out
Four killer, four seat and four rounds

Them want the tea like Lipton
All of the best pum-pum deh yah Kingston
So, me buy a Birkin fi Jada Kingdom
Some people vexed how me phone get ringed on
Me too rich now so me buy six more
Mhm, what’s the plan?
‘Cause I’m real to my skeleton (Real to my skeleton)
If you insult my intelligence then I make the sparks fly like electrician
Lock off traffic, all tragic, bare panickin’
Freeze up like mannequin
Now, you can’t manage when pellets dem travellin’ (Brrt)

Tell a pussy we no laugh up
We no take talk
Violate, people a dead dawg
You shoulda keep in a your bed ’cause the Talibans them a make walk
We no laugh up
We no take talk
Badness a weh we endorse
We no shoot people fi end up in a Red Cross

Yow Kellz

And tell a boy we no laugh up
We no take talk
Violate, people a dead dawg
Mhmm, me wan’ know a weh your head gone
You should a keep in your bed ’cause
We no laugh up
We no take talk
Yow dawg, we a make war, yow
Tell a boy we no laugh up
Anything a weh you get dawg

Breakdown of Talibans II Lyrics By Burna Boy and Bryon Messia

Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning musician from Nigeria, just released Talibans II in cooperation with Byron Messia, a well-known dancehall musician from Jamaica. This new album also acts as a follow-up to Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Remix), which included American rapper 21 Savage, a well-known Grammy-winning artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

Burna made history by headlining a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden in April 2022, becoming the first Nigerian performer to do so. His sixth album, Love, Damini, featuring the Toni Braxton-inspired hit single Last Last, was released on July 2, the day before his 31st birthday. The J Balvin collaboration Rollercoaster and the solo single Sittin’ on Top of the World were released in 2023.

In this song, Burna Boy and Bryon Messia work together to produce a musical experience that has a powerful cultural and racial impact on both the Jamaican and global audience. This song is a prime example of Burna Boy’s ability to cross cultural boundaries. Afrobeat, Dancehall, and hip-hop are skilfully combined by Burna Boy and Bryon Messia to create a sound that transcends national boundaries. Burna Boy’s flexibility is demonstrated in the song, which follows his prior success in the US market with Last Last, which featured a sample of Toni Braxton’s He Wasn’t Man Enough.


The lyrical profundity of Byron Messia & Burna Boy Talibans II. Spend some time getting lost in the poetic fusion of two outstanding musicians as their unique rhythms and potent stories mix. The single resonated deeply with fans all around the world, thanks to Burna Boy’s unusual Afro-fusion sound and Messia’s soulful vocals. Complex themes were explored in the lyrics, including sociopolitical issues, the fight for justice, and the desire for peace and understanding in a world torn apart by violence and bigotry. While some may view the song as a call to action to express oneself and persevere in the face of difficulties, others may see deeper societal undertones in the name Talibans.

They vividly depicted resiliency and hope in the face of hardship with their skillful narrative and powerful music. Burna Boy and Byron Messia’s positions as significant figures in the international music scene were cemented as the song’s contagious beat gained popularity and received a ton of praise from both critics and listeners. Talibans II transcended its original status as a song by becoming a symbol of change and a reminder of the ability of music to inspire constructive change. In addition to being an evergreen classic that belongs in your music collection, the new music is the kind that makes you feel joyful rather than depressed.


Burna Boy’s flexibility is evident in the song’s performance.  Talibans II has a jiggy bounce reminiscent of early 2000s hip-hop bops. The beat, brilliantly crafted by Skread, combines a variety of musical styles in a way that is both classic and contemporary. With his distinct flow perfectly complimenting the beat and song structure, Bryon Messia verse is the cherry on top. Tlibans II is a funky masterpiece because of the symphony of talent and production.

The song was written in such a way that it appeals to people of all cultural backgrounds; no matter where you are, when the Skread-produced beat drops, you’re bound to deliver a sequence of headnods. Simply enough, this demonstrates Burna Boy’s skill as a hitmaker. The songwriting, melody, and breadth of the lyrics of Talibans II are all very excellent.

Replay Value

Burna Boy’s Talibans II has an addictive, crowd-pleasing atmosphere that spans age and musical preference. Whether it is blasting from the speakers in a crowded club, roaring during a carnival parade, or lighting up the stage at a music festival, this song is appropriate and exudes energy.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is popular all around the world. The song Talibans II has the potential to hook listeners on its own. This song will certainly become a DJ favorite and a global anthem that unites people in celebration all over the world in celebration as long as summer continues to arrive every year because it has a summer-friendly beat. It is the kind of song that, now and in the future, transmits joy and enthusiasm everywhere it is played.


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